Artist Kiersten Dahl-Shetka had a vision… “What if we built a tower and people of all ages created art to put on the tower? What if their art could create a ‘library’ of what they love about their life and their community? What if the tower could be exhibited in a public place where people could reflect on the images and their meaning? What if those images inspired them to reflect upon what they love and want for their community in the future? Imagine all the positive energy and momentum we could foster in our city through discussions using art as our vehicle.”


The project began with a vision for the role public art can play in documenting a community’s history and its future vision. Kiersten’s concept was approved and completed with community members by 2014, in Philipps Park, New Prague, Mn. The four sides of the Tower depict the different age groups in our community. Kiersten’s workshops began with Tweens and Teens whose bas-relief (raised surface) bronze plaques on the South side of the Tower answer the question, “What do you love about your life?” The next workshop included Adults and their muse was, “What do you love about your life or what do you want to bring into your life or community?” The Adult’s bronzes complete the West side of the Tower. The third group, completing the North side of the Tower, were our Elders mostly from Mala Strana Health Care Facility. The prior Tweens, Teens, Adults, friends, and family members (Mighty Helpers) worked with Kiersten Dahl-Shetka and the Elders on their projects. The statement posed was, “Tell us about your life.” The East side of the Tower was completed by three-year-olds to third graders (Littles) who answered the question, “What do you love in your life?”

Rebuild, Restore, Relocate

Kiersten orchestrated the Restore, Rebuild, and Relocate in 2022-2023.
Restored by Kiersten. Rebuilt in stainless steel with Chart Industries and Relocated to the New Prague Public Library with the City of New Prague.
Grants/Funding: Minnesota State Arts Board, Prairie Lakes Reginal Arts Council, New Prague Area Arts Council, and the City of New Prague.

The 44 Bronze Plaques below are in order as on the Tower. North (Elders), South (Tweens and Teens), East (Littles), and West (Adults). Tap on each Bronze plaque to see more about the Community Member’s experience and process with making a bronze plaque.

North Side – Senior Elders

South - Tweens and Teens

East- Littles 3 yrs old-3rd grade

West - Adults